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History of the Band

Bakewell Silver Band - The Beginning

Bakewell Silver Band, as it is now known, emerged from a desire by a number of town's folk of Bakewell to once again have a musical organisation in the town.  From the minutes of a general meeting held in the Congregational School Room on the evening of 19th February 1907 it was stated:


"[To] create a love of music amongst the young men of Bakewell, to encourage them to spend their time in a profitable and educational manner, and for their social uplifting."

The meeting was chaired by the Reverend W Rex, and the outcome of the meeting was that


"it was unanimously resolved that a band be formed."

The officers elected that evening were:

President: Mr. B Morton Esq. JP.

Trustees: Messrs. B Morton, T Allsop, A J Critchlow, W Rouston, T Briddon, S Wain and C Critchlow.

Committee:  Messrs.  Rose, Hughes, McGregor, Roberts, R Brammwell, Tiplady, R Blackwell, Webster, and Rev. W Rex.

Secretary:  Geo. Allsop

Treasurer:  Geo. Roberts

Conductor:  B W Duckmanton

And so it was that The Bakewell Free Church Band was formed.

After a rapid succession of meetings in early 1907, it was decided that it was necessary to purchase a set of 23 new brass instruments from Besson & Co. London at a cost of £105-6-0.  The instruments were paid for by public subscription, with each subscriber contributing a sum of at least 5/-.  The band at the time would have been very similar in instrumentation as it is today.

In its previous form The Bakewell Church Lads' Brigade Band, which existed up to about 1880, would have been a mixture of brass, woodwind and reed instruments.  Sadly, the band does not have any records from this organisation.


Bakewell Silver Band - The Conductors


B W Duckmanton


Mr. Cave


Mr Willis of Cressbrook

With assistance from professional conductor Mr.  J W Scott and Mr. Cooper of Huthwaite


Laurie Barker

Mr. Barker remained teaching youngsters prior to them becomming able to join the main band until 1974.


Len Birds

Assistant - Les Waterfall


Keith Blood

Assistant - Les Waterfall


Bill Morley

Assistant - David Beattie


Haydn Cooper


Les Waterfall

Assistant - David Beattie


Ian Wildgoose


Bob Woodward

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Geraint Jones

Assistant - Bob Woodward 1988-1994

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose 1988-1990


Simon Taylor

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


John Cooper

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Brian Draper

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


John Cooper

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Jeremy Cooper

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Mark Wilcockson

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Roland Spencer

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Roger Jepson

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Jim Henson

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose


Andy Davey

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose

2019 - Current

Ryan Stacey

Assistant - Ian Wildgoose

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